About Us

About Us

Riverside Parking not only the largest, most experienced parking management company in town, we’re also the only one locally owned and operated. For over 40 years we have been proudly serving the Louisville community.

Our team is a knowledgeable, devoted group of people who were raised right here in River City. When you park with us, you will likely see the same smiling faces day after day because over 75% of our parking attendants have been with us for over five years!

We strive to provide convenient, clean, and safe parking to all our customers while optimizing the operations for our garage and lot owners.

Perfecting Parking Lot Management Since 1978

Although we can’t reveal all the secrets to our success, technology, which enhances and helps build client revenue, plays a significant part. Riverside Parking utilizes advanced, computerized systems for collections and accounts receivable.

Our 24-hour automated collection units translate into thousands of additional dollars per month as traditionally non-business hours suddenly turn into revenue-building hours!

But more money doesn’t always translate into higher revenues. Only tight controls and accurate billing systems can assure that your revenue is going to end up on your income statement. Riverside Parking has invested in the best computerized program on the market, designed specifically for parking systems. PARIS (Parking Accounts Receivable Information System) provides complete, detailed information creating a more accurate and streamlined operation. Customized reports for customers and clients are on time, accurate, and easy to read! The result — a positive and tangible affect on your financial statements.

Client Testimonials

"Riverside has been managing our parking garage and lots for over 25 years. We feel like they’re just an extension of our own business."

Tim Mulloy - Mulloy Properties

“We’ve been very happy with the way Riverside has managed our facility. They’ve been professional and proactive in suggesting ways to improve both efficiency and cash flow. Since we took their suggestion to install a 24-hour automated collection station, we’ve seen a real increase in our parking revenue.”

Christopher Wolfe - General Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle

“The real test of a company is to see how it performs in a crisis. This past winter all the elements seemed to be working against us. But the folks at Riverside were on the ball. They worked tirelessly clearing snow and ice. They even provided free shuttle service to and from other parking facilities when our garage was underwater. They had a plan and executed it very well.”

Sam Moseley - General Manager, The AI J. Schneider Co.